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We’re the new generation Auto Repair Shop flipping the industry (quite literally) on its tracks to deliver exceptional car service offerings at transparent and fair prices. We don’t just look after cars – we also take of you!

Forget the unreliable and overpriced mechanics that you’ve dealt in the past. We’ve seen how the old players have run their auto repair shop and have listened to a long list of customer feedback. Let’s just say, we’re sorry that you’ve had to deal with bad customer service or poor-quality work. At My Auto Hub, we aim to be different – better and more in line with the new business age.

That’s why, we like to call ourselves as the “new generation Auto Repair” shop. We’re your friendly neighbourhood mechanics who talk to you like good old mates, treat your car like our own, and we’ll never make you feel silly, uncomfortable, or judged.

Our vision is to become your go-to Auto Repair Shop. The trust mechanic that everyone raves about. The Auto Repair Shop that goes above and beyond to bring your car in better condition that what in when in with. Your reliable, trustworthy and straight-up honest mechanic from next door.

Sure, we’re a small independent Auto Repair Shop but that’s just another reason why we’re committed to delivering you with the best of the best when it comes to servicing your car!

We focus on your car needs while looking out for what’s in the best interest of you. Our quality of work is of the same high standards of a dealership and our prices are completely transparent. In fact, our whole pricing system is calculated from the industry standard “times guide” so you’ll never get ripped off or be faced with an unexpected bill!

One of our key differences is that we’re all about making servicing your car effortless and easy, which is why we’re always looking for the latest payment trends to make buying or servicing much more affordable and convenient, leaving you with more time for more fun and exciting things in your life!

When you think of My Auto Hub, just remember these 4 things:

  1. Transparent and Fair pricing
  2. High Quality, Manufacturer-Approved Parts
  3. Outstanding and Friendly Customer Service
  4. Great Deals & Competitive Pricing
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At My Hub Auto, we’re committed to delivering you with the best experience every time you come to us to get your car serviced.

We’re the little players playing the big game but without the mechanic Jargon or the expensive price tags. 

We genuinely care about the health of your car and your satisfaction, which is why we’re committed to being clear, transparent, and upfront so you know exactly what’s happening under the bonnet of your car, and understand what repairs is needed. All our work is done at the highest of quality and our costs are calculated at fair market price, meaning you’ll walk away with a cracking deal, a great condition and high performing car, and a big grin on your face! That’s our promise!